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CoastViews Magazine
June 2000

Reviewed by Gwen O'Neill

Sonya Jason

Supper Club
by Sonya Jason
produced by Sugo Music

Don't play the first track of this CD if what you are looking for is music to put up your feet and "veg out" or take a Sunday afternoon nap. If Sonya Jason's sax or the percussion and bass on the first track don't get you at least tapping your feet, the vibes will. Supper Club has it all musically as far as mood and tempo are concerned.

Hip Pocket joins Sonya Jason in a combination of classic tunes that are executed in a classic jazz style -- clean and clear -- a pleasure to listen to from first track to last. The CD took me back to the place I spent many nights listening to jazz - Gullivers in West Patterson, NJ. Listening to these tracks brought back the vision of the painting of Thelonious Monk that hung over the piano. (The food was good too!)

One of the things I like about The Supper Club is that it doesn't leave you looking for the melody as some jazz artists do. Even when the musicians are improvising, the melody isn't far away.

Hip Pocket is good listening in their own right. I especially liked the piano playing, but the whole group is inventive and certainly are not "just accompanying" the solo artist.

Sonya Jason joins the Sugo Music roster as a polished, charismatic and passionate performer with over 3,000 live performances to her credit. Her band has opened for such dynamic acts as Earth Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson and the Manhattan Transfer, just to name a few.

Sonya studied music at the University of California at Berkeley and The Berklee College of Music where she graduated summa cum laude.

Sugo Music is located at 790 Main Street, Half Moon Bay. For information about other local artists call 650-726-0696 or email They have a website under development at