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Sonya teaching

Students are inspired by live music!
"My son and I saw Sonya Jason perform with Carlos Reyes at the Throckmorton Theater. Her talent and energy is amazing. My son was very inspired by her. I brought him to see Carlos, so he would start to understand how important it is to feel the music. (He's 11.) In his eyes, Sonya stole the show. Yeah, Carlos is awesome, but Sonya is incredible!"
-- Storm Jones, parent of student

Sonya Jason teaches private lessons?!
Yes! Not only is Sonya a successful working professional musician, she is willing and eager to pass on her knowledge and experience to YOU.

What instruments does she teach?
Saxophone, flute or clarinet -- you choose your favorite.

Does she accept beginners?
Yes! Beginners to Advanced students are welcomed. Ages 9 to 90. Anyone can learn to play music, and Sonya is effective at communicating musical ideas to all kinds of people.

What will I learn?
Your level of ability determines where you start. You will learn or improve basic technique on your instrument so that you can play with a good sound, good intonation and smooth fingering. You will learn to read music and play expressively with clear articulation and dynamics. Your individual preference of musical style will influence the choice of music books; how about classical duets by famous composers, film soundtracks, Broadway musicals, the Beatles or Duke Ellington? Many books include play-a-long CDs that make you sound great!

One long-time student acknowledges,
"Sonya has been a very important part of my life these past few years. She has helped me grow so much and has taught me many essential things, and not just about music! I have become more responsible and have learned the true meaning of integrity and perseverance. I will always admire, respect and be forever grateful to her for being a wonderful teacher and friend."
-- Gabi, tenor saxophone student, age 18

Do I need lessons if I'm in school band?
Private lessons will greatly enhance your school band experience and contribute to your success. You will get the individual attention you need to improve your technique. In addition, you may bring your band music to your lesson to get special coaching on difficult songs and audition pieces.

The Music Director at Half Moon Bay High School says,
"Among my students, there is a clear difference of skill, expression, and confidence between those students who have not taken private lessons, and those students who have studied with Sonya. With her attention to basic skills and engaging teaching style, she affects tangible and effective progress in her students."
-- Walter Anderson, Music Director, Half Moon Bay CA

Do I have to do a recital?
Sonya likes to keep music fun and focused on excellence, not competition. At the end of each twelve-week session you may invite guests (parents, siblings, grandparents, friends) to come to your lesson and hear you play with Sonya. It's your own concert party!

Clarinet student

How much does it cost?
A variety of payment programs are offered. Call for a FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON, and Sonya will help you to choose the plan that works best for you. Call (650) 728-8002 for an appointment or email to get your questions answered promptly.

What days and times are available?
Lessons may be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons between 3pm and 8pm. You may choose the available time slot that is most convenient for you.

Where do I go for lessons?
Sonya teaches at her beautiful music studio located on the coastside in Moss Beach, California. Upon request, Half Moon Bay and Pacifica locations are also possible.

What is Sonya Jason's educational background and teaching experience?
Sonya has studied privately with ten different music teachers, beginning with nine years of classical piano lessons from the age of 4 and learning saxophone from the age of 10. By the time she graduated from college majoring in music performance and arranging, she had earned eighteen separate awards for outstanding musicianship from such institutions as the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE).

She won the Phil Woods Scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, the top musical university in the country, and graduated summa cum laude in 1985 after passing tough proficiency exams on saxophone, flute, and clarinet. Sonya began teaching privately immediately upon graduation and was a staff instructor at Milano Music in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ, Killeen Music in Burbank CA, Santa Monica Music in Santa Monica CA, and Manor Music in Pacifica CA. She has taught in the San Francisco Bay Area since April 1999.

The Band Director at Cunha Intermediate School says,
"Students of mine who study with Sonya Jason consistently demonstrate an excellent grasp of fundamentals such as articulation, embouchure, breathing and rhythm reading."
-- Maria Portello-Swagel, Band Director, Half Moon Bay CA

What is her teaching philosophy?

  1. Effort In Equals Enjoyment Out. Sonya's rigorous and rewarding teaching program provides prizes for practicing!
  2. Mistakes are not bad; they simply indicate something to be learned.
  3. Consistency over time produces results. Private lessons offer the support structure you need accomplish your musical goals.

Letter of Reference from Associate Educator. Letter of Reference from Parent of Student.

How do I sign up?
Call Sonya Jason at (650) 728-8002 today!

Sax student

"Sonya brings her vast array of musical experience to provide a rock-solid foundation for coaching her students through any type of music from classical to jazz to latin to rock. And all in a personalized, fun and approachable style."
-- Alan, tenor saxophone, age 46

"It is such a privilege for my girls to be able to take flute and clarinet lessons from a leading Bay Area jazz musician who is also an experienced educator and great with kids. While Sonya has a rigorous program and high standards for her students, there is flexibility (if needed) to tailor the program for each student's individual situation to create a lasting platform for development and success that is also enjoyable and gratifying."
-- Todd, father of flute and clarinet students

"Sonya Jason is REALLY a great inspiration to young people such as my daughter. I am so happy that Gabi loves(!) being taught by her."
-- Geraldine, mother of saxophone student

"No matter what mood my son is in when he goes into his flute lesson, he comes out happy! We appreciate that Sonya makes music something he is really enjoying."
-- Judy, mother of flute student

"Not only is Sonya extremely talented as a musician, she is an outstanding teacher and the ultimate professional. She has a gift for saying just the right thing to help you with technique, musicianship and motivation. Sonya genuinely wants you to succeed and enjoy music."
-- Loretta, clarinet, age 59

"I recommend Sonya because she's fun, and she gives insightful comments. I enjoy learning new things and hearing about what I am doing wrong so I can fix it. She pushes me to do my best!"
-- Hannah, alto saxophone, age 17

"Every lesson I learn something new. It's always at my level, and I never have to try anything too hard. I really like how Sonya gives me stuff out of the technique book and also extra fun stuff."
-- Lena, flute, age 10

"Sonya has been an excellent teacher for my son. She challenged him to work hard and supported him when he found it difficult. She infused him with her love of playing and not only taught him saxophone, but helped him learn how to work toward his goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
-- Lisa, mother of saxophone student

"Sonya is a very patient instructor who makes it fun and gives great correction (repeatedly sometimes, as in my case!). Her approach is excellent! One thing follows another and the skills seem to build effortlessly."
-- Martha, clarinet, age 56

Flute student

"Sonya makes lessons fun, and has created such a positive environment for learning. Both of my children are enjoying their music so much that they practice because they want to, not because they have to. It's fun to listen to them improve all the time, and I can see how proud they are of themselves when they play. They're not just playing notes anymore, they're making music."
-- Tina, mother of saxophone and clarinet students

"It's nice to have some individual attention. I used to puff out my cheeks a lot, but private lessons helped to fix that. It's really structured but everything is not boring stuff; like there's movie music."
-- Miriam, clarinet, age 12

"Fun! I started clarinet lessons with Sonya when I was 10. Then I switched to flute, and now I'm learning tenor saxophone. She really helped my sight-reading and technique for band, and with her help, I hope to be in jazz band next year."
-- Esther, flute, age 14

"Sonya makes it easy and quick to learn. She's great at teaching an older person who has never been exposed to playing an instrument."
-- Marc, alto saxophone, age 53

"Sonya knows how to relate to people and get them to play better, and some good musicians just don't have that. And she's a good musician, too. I've made progress understanding rhythms and sharps and flats, and that's usually really hard. And her dog is cute."
-- Arwyn, clarinet, age 12

"As an adult student, I appreciate Sonya Jason's ability to encourage good practice methods. Musical skills are taught in a rigorous fashion, so I'm gaining the solid grounding needed for future growth as a sax player. Her patience allows me to relax during the lesson and have fun learning a new skill."
-- Alex, alto saxophone, age 59

"I really like my teacher. Sonya is nice and patient, and she always encourages me to practice. She's making me a much better player. I even got a Superior Rating at CMEA this year!"
-- Sabina, alto saxophone, age 12