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Bermudez Triangle
Original Songs

Bermudez Triangle Music
Release date 2001

Track List
1.   Tia Rosita   (Bermudez/Olmo/Snyder/Rubalcava) 3:57
2. Cu-Cu-Cumbia  MP3 (997k)   (Bermudez/Sharmat) 4:07
Pop star Sheila E. plays a hot timbale solo on this exciting upbeat tune;
also features the guitar-work of Carlos Santana's brother, Jorge.
3.   Bongoland - Spanish Version   (Bermudez/Blair) 4:24
4.   Borracho Y Loco   (Bermudez/Parvin) 4:29
5.   Maybe We Should Talk   (Bermudez/Goldstein) 4:16
6.   Comparsa Bermudez   (Bermudez/Olmo) 6:08
7.   Luego Mi Amor   (Bermudez/Ginsburg/Head) 4:16
8.   Are The Women Dancing?   (Bermudez/Olmo) 3:39
9. Dame Tu Alma  MP3 (577k)   (Bermudez) 4:51
This mellow latin groove features moody alto sax riffs by Sonya Jason,
with vocals by composer Ali Olmo and film actor Elizabeth Lamers
plus rhythmic harmonica sweetening by Tollack Ollestad.
10.   Bongoland - English Version   (Bermudez/Blair) 4:01
11.   Mamita Linda   (Bermudez/Olmo) 5:35
12.   Songo De Bermudez   (Bermudez/Lamers/Goldstein) 3:47
13.   Amor Brujo   (Olmo/Camozzi/Bermudez) 4:09
14.   Cha Cha Queen   (Bermudez/Calloway) 3:57
15.   Bongoland Dance Mix - mix by Peebo Rodriguez    3:46
16.   Enamorado   (Bermudez/Johnson) 5:55
17.   Luego Mi Amor 1993 - Carlos Reyes violin    4:16
Total Time: 75:33
Performance Credits
Sheila E. Timbales
Pete Escovedo Timbales, vocals
Jorge Santana Guitar
Michael Ruff Vocals, keyboards
Sonya Jason Alto saxophone
Raul Rekow Congas, bongos
Karl Perazzo Timbales, background vocals
Alphonso Johnson Bass
Walfredo De Los Reyes Jr. Drums
Chris Camozzi Acoustic and electric guitar
Terry Wollman Guitar
Joyce Cooling Guitar
Ali B. Olmo Lead and background vocals
Carole Mayedo Violin and background vocals
Benny Rietvald Bass
Greg Errico Drums
Andy Morales Background vocals
Jimmy Sanchez Drums
Chalo Eduardo Percussion
Leo Rosales Timbales
John Santos Percussion
Roger Glenn Vibes
John Calloway Flute, keyboards
David Belove Bass
Gary Brown Bass
Perla Batalla Background vocals
Marcos Loya Spanish guitar
Elizabeth Lamers Vocals
Tollack Ollestad Harmonica
Steve Goldstein Keyboards
Anna Maria Mendieta Harp
Ron Powell Percussion
Wayne Wallace Trombone
Nate Ginsberg Keyboard
Michael "Patches" Stewart Trumpet
Lee Parvin Accordian
Leslie Smith Vocals
Rich Bandoni Guitar
Rahsaan Fredricks Bass
Annette Montiel Backround vocals
Eddie Torres Percussion
Dennis Sanchez Percussion
Phil Nicholas Background vocals
Steven L. Cohen Flute
Thomas Ball Bass
Karen Bedard Congas
Rick Bermudez Percussion
Jorge Bermudez Percussion
Production Credits
Jorge Bermudez Producer
Karen Bedard Executive Producer
Chris Camozzi Engineer
Fred Catero Mastering

Recorded in San Bruno, California
*Additional Note:
Jorge Bermudez is pleased to announce that the original production of Cu-Cu-Cumbia (Bermudez/Sharmat) was chosen for the soundtrack of the movie "Broken Heart's League" (Columbia Tristar) featuring Dean Cain of the ABC TV "Superman" Series. The song also airs on episode 302 of "The Shield", the Emmy Award winning show on F/X cable station.