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Secret Lover

Saja Productions
Release date December 1988

Track List
1.   Wildflower   (Richardson/Edwards/Fraser) 4:30
2.   Soul Seduction   (Sonya Jason/Tom Powers) 5:25
3. Tryst (Secret Lover)  MP3 (1,021k)   (Sonya Jason) 5:55
Light pop instrumental duet between sopranino sax and flugelhorn
with the kind of melody you can't get out of your head.
4.   Afterglow   (Tom Powers) 6:03
5. Forbidden Love  MP3 (925k)   (Sonya Jason/Tom Powers) 4:00
Driving funk fusion with screaming sax and guitar solos.
6.   My Heart's Desire   (Tom Powers) 5:15
7. Can't Say Good-bye  MP3 (1,009k)   (Tom Powers/Sonya Jason) 3:19
Pretty pop ballad.
8.   Alone Again   (Sonya Jason) 4:32
9.   Europa   (Carlos Santana/Tom Costar) 4:56
Total Time: 46:09
Performance Credits
Sonya Jason Alto and Sopranino Saxophones
Rick Lindroos Keyboards and lead vocals on track 1
Tom Powers Keyboards and background vocals
Eric Cortright Keyboards
Chris Gough Kurzweil Strings
Tracy Williams Guitar
Donny Dean Guitar
Jim Simmons Electric bass
Bob Warren Drums
Keith Johnson Percussion
Ben Taylor Percussion
Jeff Fields Flugelhorn on track 3, Trumpet on track 5
Manny Simo Lead vocal on track 9
Giselle Fox Background vocals
Pam De Cosmo Background vocals
Byron Hopkins Tenor saxophone on track 5
Fred Boyd Bass trombone on track 5
Jim Henry Screech trumpet on track 5
Production Credits
Sonya Jason Arranger
Sonya Jason/Ben Taylor Producers
Ben Taylor Engineer
Sonya Jason Art Director

Recorded at Cereus Recording Studios in Tempe, Arizona