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Saja Music
Reissue date April 2009

Warner Music Discovery
Release date April 1993

Track List
All songs composed by Sonya Jason,
except Forbidden Love by Sonya Jason/Tom Powers

1. Tigress  MP3 (1,369k) 3:42
Fiery latin jazz -- this clip is 2 minutes of burning alto sax solo,
worth the wait for download.
2. Exotica  MP3 (901k) 5:06
Sultry and seductive laid-back latin groove.
3.   Forbidden Love 4:20
4. Green Eyes  MP3 (1,081k) 5:58
Spacious ballad with moving melody and crying alto sax sound.
5. Just Take A Chance  MP3 (829k) 4:11
Sparkling pop vocal with catchy alto sax hook.
6.   Tryst (Secret Lover) 6:17
7.   Easy Love 4:42
8. Mystery Man  MP3 (745k) 4:39
Bouncy latin pop featuring the unique sopranino sax sound.
9. Cartoon Blues  MP3 (733k) 3:46
Fun-filled, humorous and FUNKY hip-hop spoof on cartoon themes.
10.   Touch and Go 4:40
11.   Escape To Dreamland 7:37
Total Time: 54:58
Performance Credits
Sonya Jason Alto and Sopranino Saxophones, Flute
David Goldblatt Keyboards on tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7
David Garfield Keyboards on tracks 1 and 8
Bill Cunliffe Acoustic Piano Solo on Track 11
Curtis Brengle Keyboards on track 9
John Beasley Keyboard sweetening on track 11
Bruce Malament Keyboard sweetening on all tracks
Mike O'Neill Electric Guitar on tracks 5, 7, 10
Mike Miller Electric Guitar on tracks 3, 6, 9, 11 and
Acoustic Guitar on track 4
Ciro Hurtado Acoustic Guitar on tracks 2 and 8
Jimmy Haslip Electric Bass on tracks 3 and 11
John Pena Electric Bass on tracks 1, 2 and 8
Leroy Ball Electric Bass on tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums on tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
Chester Thompson Drums on tracks 3 and 11
Joey Heredia Drums on tracks 1 and 8
Luis Conte Percussion on tracks 4, 6, 7, 10
Kevin Ricard Percussion on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11
Jim Miller Percussion on track 9
Louis Price Lead vocal on track 5
Monalisa Young Background vocal on tracks 5 and 6
Maxi Anderson Background vocal on tracks 5 and 6
Walt Fowler Flugelhorn on track 6
Production Credits
Sonya Jason/Bruce Malament Arrangers
Dennis Moody/Sonya Jason Producers
Dennis Moody Engineer
Joe Gastwirt Mastering
Steve Brown Design/Illustration
Keith Holzman Production Supervisor

Recorded at Sonora Recorders in Los Angeles, California

Comments from Studio Musicians

"I find the compositions really fresh and imaginative and a lot of fun to play."
-- Chester Thompson, drummer for Phil Collins

"Sonya Jason is an energetic, sincere musician dedicated to her craft. She definitely has something to say and she says it wonderfully with her instrument.
     She's a very creative and wonderful writer, producer and arranger. I had a fun and exciting time in the studio. Sonya has lots of patience and just wonderful charisma.
     I'm expecting big things from Sonya Jason. She's gonna be pavin' a way for herself in this business so everybody better look out for Sonya Jason 'cause Here She Comes."
-- Louis Price, lead singer for Temptations

"I love her writing. She's writing real songs which is so rare these days. And I love her horn playing. It's melodic and moody with fire and passion. Sonya's something special."
-- Bruce Malament, writer/arranger for Dionne Worwick and Barry White

"Sonya's music is fun and very creative. In the studio she allowed me to contribute my creativity and expression without directing me too much. I enjoyed working with her."
-- Kevin Ricard, percussionist with Kenny Loggins

"Sonya's a burning player. She's a bright person with lots of energy and a good business sense. I really loved the harmonic moves she made in her songs. I had great fun playing in the session with all of those cats, and Sonya's creative input was very helpful."
-- David Goldblatt, keyboardist with Diana Ross, musical director for Dennis Miller show

"Sonya has a very strong vision of what she wants to do and I was very impressed by that. She's a very fine producer and her suggestions really helped. I enjoyed her saxophone playing - it's very lyrical and very lovely and pleasant to listen to. The experience was great. I had a ball! I'm really looking forward to hearing her music on the charts."
-- Bill Cunliffe, keyboardist with Porcupine, Clayton Hamilton Orchestra