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A uniquely passionate and soulful saxophone sound, impeccable reading ability, and a quick ear are the qualities that have made Sonya Jason so in-demand for recording session work. In addition to more than three dozen full length CDs, she has been called to contribute her distinctive style and studio professionalism to hundreds of independent recordings -- from simple song demos by singer/songwriters to original band projects ranging the full gamut of musical styles.

Sonya in Studio

Her sound has enhanced cable TV shows, jingles and soundtracks for companies like CinemaTrax in Hollywood and The WAVE radio syndication, as well as a diversity of projects by such composer/arranger/producers as:

  • Tom Disher
    Emmy award-winning TV composer of PBS documentaries.

  • Ray Obiedo
    Smooth jazz guitarist, recording artist and producer of artists including keyboardist Tom Grant and the Braxton Brothers.

  • Misha Segal
    Emmy award-winning TV composer, film composer, recording artist and producer of artists including Randy Crawford.

  • Ted Nichols
    Staff arranger and music director of Hanna/Barbera.

  • Bob Freedman
    Grammy award-winning arranger of Quincy Jones' The Wiz and Wynton Marsalis' Hothouse Flowers. Musical director for Lena Horn and Harry Belafonte.


  • Alto Saxophone (Eb)
  • Curved Soprano Saxophone (Bb)
  • Sopranino Saxophone (Eb)
  • Flute (C)
  • Clarinet (Bb)
  • WX5 Yamaha Midi Wind Controller
    with Yamaha VL70-m virtual acoustic tone generator
    and Yamaha MU100 tone generator

"What I love most about working in the studio with Sonya Jason is that she plays great and sounds great the first time she plays a cue! In film and television music we don't have a lot of time for re-takes...and none are necessary with Sonya. She sounds great 'right out of the box'! We're happy to feature her work whenever we can."
-- Mark Northam, film and television composer, owner CinemaTrax, publisher Film Music Magazine

Yamaha WX5

"I have to admit, at first I was skeptical about working with a 'girl' sax player. But my producer said, 'Trust me on this one.' When I heard the track, I was blown away. Sonya took a good song and made it great!"
-- P.B. III (Procton Bonnell, III), singer/songwriter

"Sonya's sax is soulful and emotional. She can play just one note and you feel the emotion behind it."
-- Vachik Alvandi, producer for Funlife Productions

"Passion is what Sonya brings to a song. If you just let her go, she's naturally beautifully melodic, and that's something I don't hear very often."
-- Denise Gentilini, keyboardist/composer/producer

"Sonya really captures the soul and mood of the song. She plays obligato around vocal and guitar fills with great agility and soulful lines. I was kind of on cloud nine..."
-- Marc Tilson, singer/songwriter

"As we worked towards recording the saxophone, Sonya gave me feedback along the way, which resulted in an extremely significant improvement. Sonya gave it a personality that matched the poem that inspired the song, and even recorded the lower track with identical inflection to the upper track. This is no easy feat and is indicative of the command that long experience with an instrument gives a performer."
-- Brian West, composer/keyboardist

Contact Sonya Jason for your session by calling (650) 728-8002 or e-mailing