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Sonya Jason's "Passion"


(all original songs composed by Sonya Jason)

from TIGRESS cd
CARTOON BLUES - fun-filled, humorous and FUNKY hip-hop spoof on cartoon themes.
EASY LOVE - easy-going, swinging R&B groove.
ESCAPE TO DREAMLAND - a jazz suite in three parts that takes you away.
EXOTICA - sultry and seductive laid-back latin groove.
GREEN EYES - spacious ballad with moving melody and crying alto sax sound.
JUST TAKE A CHANCE - sparkling pop vocal with catchy alto sax hook.
MYSTERY MAN - bouncy latin pop featuring the unique sopranino saxophone.
TIGRESS - fiery latin jazz; think Chick Corea meets Gato Barbieri.
TOUCH AND GO - moody, romantic jacuzzi jazz.
AFTERGLOW - sweet and mellow with a slight Asian flair.
ALONE AGAIN - dance groove with a melancholy tinge.
CAN'T SAY GOOD-BYE - melodic and pretty pop ballad.
FORBIDDEN LOVE - driving funk fusion with dueling saxophone and guitar solos.
MY HEART'S DESIRE - cheerful and upbeat cross-over jazz.
SOUL SEDUCTION - seductive pumping rock groove with lots of bass.
TRYST - Light pop instrumental duet between sopranino sax and flugelhorn with the kind of melody you can't get out of your head.
from GODDESS cd
(not yet released)
CRY OF THE BLUE WHALE - majestic ballad with a mournful alto sax melody.
GODDESS OF LEMURIA - beautiful song with lush harmonies over a comfortable groove.
I BELIEVE IN MAGIC - like riding on a Merry-go-round in Hawaii.
LITTLE ONE LOST - classically influenced duet between fretless bass and soprano sax.
MOONCHILD - eerie sci-fi intro leads to romping latin jazz experience.
MOTHER ISLAND - Hawaiian reggae with conch shell sound and infectious island drumming rhythms.
PRECIOUS - cross-over pop ballad ala Kenny G (but prettier).
SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT RAVEN - funky with slap bass and dancing feet.
WICKED - evil, hip-hop, high-energy jazz fusion.
other original songs
FIRST KISS - pop ballad with a soaring melody and gorgeous arrangement.
FLY WITH ME - romantic samba, not too fast.
JAZZBERRY JAM (by Tom Powers) - driving jazz fusion with a mean unison line to challenge musicians.
PEACE FOR CHILDREN - sweet melody over a pop feel.
PLEASURE CRUISE - cheerful salsa tune that makes you want to take a vacation.
SHOWBIZ - Las Vegas style show opener with exciting samba groove.