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The Arizona Republic

"I had no idea Sonya Jason was such a talented artist. Her soprano playing is sublime. She plays the saxophone like a dream floating on a cloud of magic. I'm so glad there are analog people like Sonya in this digital world."
-- Dave Gibson, editor of Saxophone Journal

"Sonya Jason is a veteran alto saxophonist with a big, passionate sound. At a recent performance by the Montclair Women's Big Band, she sounded particularly effective, slicing through the brass-laden band with a swaggering solo."
-- Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times

"File this one under 'pleasant surprise'. Her name is Sonya Jason. Her long spiraling lines and affectation-free technique were a joy. Jason is a virtuoso on the soprano sax; she blew out some ferocious licks and wailed righteously."
-- John Carmen, Daily Variety

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"When people see and hear Sonya for the first time, they get blown away. She's one of the most dynamic and versatile sax players in the country."
-- Ann Bertelsen, San Jose Mercury News

The Phoenix Gazette

"Her aggressive but not harsh wailing, her musical intelligence and her innate sense of a song's ebb-and-flow draws some of the best talent in town to accompany her...If you're a good backup player, you gravitate to where the heat is, where there's a rising talent in the complicated and humbling music business. You go to Sonya Jason."
-- John Burnes, The Argonaut, Marina Del Rey CA

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"This female sax player is all guts and no gimmick. She plays it like she means it."
-- Santa Barbara International Jazz Festival Program

"Look out world. Here comes Sonya Jason. If her performance tonight is any indication, Jason should be in line to join the upper echelon of contemporary jazz musicians. This is music for moderns who want more than emotional shallowness and ego-driven musicianship. Sonya Jason is the real thing."
-- Bill Kohlhaase, Los Angeles Times

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"She's a hundred pounds of rompin' stompin' sax. She's so hot her horn smokes. To hear her is to know her. She tells you everything about herself in her sounds."
-- Jan Holland, Venice: The Los Angeles Arts and Entertainment Magazine

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"For those of you who prefer female sax players with names like Rindy (Ross from the 80's band Quarterflash) and Candy (Dulfer - don't even get us started), Sonya Jason probably won't be your cup of tea. For those of you who appreciate people who play their butts off, Jason smashes all hot-sax-diva stereotypes (there were five at last count) with her sophisticated repertoire and dignified presentation."
-- BUZZ Magazine, the Talk of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times

"The unique thing about Sonya Jason is not that she's a formidable player of the alto, soprano and sopranino saxes - that's to be expected in this day and age for up-and-comers - but she writes and arranges, too. And her songs are more than a few chord changes meant to support endless noodling. She writes complete songs, melodically driven and harmonically complex. Yet still accessible."
-- John Burnes, The Argonaut, Marina Del Rey CA

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"Phil Woods and David Sanborn may be her sax heroes...but when she blew hot it was the great Gato Barbieri and his scorching sound that came to mind...but whether she's playing the soprano, alto or clarinet-like sopranino, Jason blows hot and cool with equal finesse. It's a long, long road, but the competition better watch out; Sonya Jason is clearly aboard a self-propelled bullet train."
-- Jason McCloskey, Drama-Logue

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