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JAZZIZ Magazine

"THIS CAT BLOWS! Sonya Jason blows away her rivals with a torrent of sizzling and slinky sax-work on her debut release from Discovery Records. Tigress is an all original release, showcasing Sonya's remarkable gift for composing and arranging, and making her the most versatile female recording artist recording today. From the rapid leap and pounce of 'Tigress' to the deeply emotive ballad 'Green Eyes' Sonya displays a rare talent for crafting accessible, passionate tunes that surprise and enchant across a number of musical styles."
-- Sid Birenbaum, Discovery Records

"Tigress is the perfect title for her debut, as she alternates between the cool sensuality of a cat and the fiery roar of its more ferocious counterpart."
-- Jonathon Widran, JAZZIZ Magazine

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"Sonya Jason is an explosive, technically flash alto/soprano saxophonist. The tone is more robust than sweet. Punchy than fluttery. Her band is bolstered by hired gun heavies...musicians that aren't afraid to step up the intensity. The result is some fiery, impassioned sax wailing and some thunderous ensemble arrangements."
-- GAVIN Report

"This alto and sopranino saxophonist plays with all of the fire, conviction and confidence of more seasoned veterans. Her debut album Tigress (Discovery) offers the listener not only serious hip funk and soul inspired excitement on tunes like 'Tigress' and 'Forbidden Love', but also a bit of whimsey on tunes like 'Cartoon Blues'. The cool, smooth and romantic side to her nature is not left unexplored. 'Tryst' and 'Easy Love' radiate enough heat and sensuality to melt the coldest heart. If Jason ever gets on a major label, watch out!"
-- Thomas Erdmann, Cover story, Women of Note Quarterly

"A terrific combination of contemporary, funk and latin, Sonya's music soars. She possesses an amazing command of technique, employing imaginative improvisations that express passion, lyricsm and mood with equal intensity."
-- Fritz the Night Owl, West Side Jazz Notes, Columbus OH

"Sonya Jason is the tigress of saxophones. She's sexy, sultry and sassy. Her first CD, Tigress, (Warner Music Discovery) defines mood, zest, verve and sizzling straight-on jazz from the hip. Some elements of jazz never change, but Sonya Jason picks up the leftovers and moves them into her own dimension."
-- Jan Holland, Venice: The Los Angeles Arts and Entertainment Magazine

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BUZZ Magazine

"Comparisons with Candy Dulfer have already probably begun for saxophonist Sonya Jason. On the basis of Tigress, there are some accurate parallels to be drawn, but not on the playing side. Jason is a far more accomplished soloist, at least on the basis of recorded evidence, and also more versatile, playing sopranino and flute besides alto sax. While the arrangements, production, and plethora of guitarists indicate that the set has been tailored for the Adult contemporary and light jazz market, Jason shows enough when given the solo spotlight to prove that she's an improviser, not a pop instrumentalist."
-- Ron Wynn, All Music Guide expert reviewer (

"Jason has a strong and distinct style of alto-sax playing. Betcha she could move into the R&B terrain trailblazed by altoist Hank Crawford and put out some killer stuff. Her arranging and producing skills are impeccable."
-- Dave McElfresh, Phoenix New Times

"Sonya Jason, aka 'the Tigress' has shown to be a most masterful saxophone player and band leader. Her sounds are smooth and seductive, yet raw and scorching. Wow! Home girl can play!"
-- Frankie Firme, Arts & Entertainment at

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"As the title of her new CD suggests, jazz-influenced artist Sonya Jason is far from a passive player. Tigress (Discovery) is a wild ride on the pop side, rife with contempo jazzish riffs and hooks, just right for KBLX-FM (102.9). Interestingly, Jason's main weapon is the diminutive sopranino, an instrument whose pitch is so high wild dogs come running."
-- Metro Santa Cruz

"I could tell you that I've been spending my mornings lying naked on a plush carpet of moss as the dew falls from the leafy canopy of a rainforest, or my afternoons relaxing in a warm tropical pool with small fish tickling my toes, or my nights entranced by the vibrant piercing sounds of a deep dark jungle. In a way, I have been; I've been listening to Sonya Jason's Tigress CD, which is once again available. This music, lush and alive in composition, in arrangement, in performance, totally redefines the space it fills. Yes, it makes me feel like I'm spending time in all those exotic places. This work is an adventure I highly recommend. Give it a spin and see where it takes you."
-- Karl Cishek, freelance jazz critic

"The Supper Club...a combination of classic tunes that are executed in classic jazz style - clean and clear - a pleasure to listen to from first track to last. One of the things I like about The Supper Club is that it doesn't leave you looking for the melody as some jazz artists do. Even when the musicians are improvising, the melody isn't far away."
-- Gwen O'Neill, CoastViews Magazine, Half Moon Bay CA

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GAVIN Report

"Five Stars: Breathtaking musical talent - Sonya Jason has a sadly small recorded legacy to date, but that doesn't mean she isn't a monumental talent. She plays sax with lithe grace in a subtle, understated manner that nonetheless overwhelms the listener. No matter which track you're listening to, she breathes sensuality and new life into the composition. The Supper Club comes highly recommended; also try to find her outstanding solo release Tigress. Hopefully, Sonya will return soon with a new cd and receive the national acclaim that the lovely, talented artist so richly deserves."
-- Customer Review of The Supper Club (

"This album of reworked jazz, blues and swing classics called The Supper Club -- all performed and arranged by saxophonist Sonya Jason -- is a beautiful collection of warm melodies and hot tunes. I stumbled across Sonya Jason's album . . . and fell in love."
-- Warren Brown, The Washington Post

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"I've been a fan for a long time. I've been listening to The Supper Club all day and love it! It's nice to hear some real blowing!"
-- Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann, Front Cover Writer for Saxophone Journal

"Secret Lover - a great new release from a virtual newcomer to PAC (Progressive Adult Contemporary) radio...Sonya Jason. The album sports a collection of original compositions, save a couple of cover tunes, in the contemporary jazz vein. A nice record!"
-- Pat McCoy, Mainly Adult Contemporary Magazine