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Eddie Daniels

Eddie Daniels

Half Moon Bay, California -- 2004

Eddie is my clarinet hero! His incredible sound is what I admire the most -- so pure, round and smooth -- like no other I've heard. And the guy has some serious chops on this maddening instrument!

The CD that opened my ears to Eddie's playing was his 1990 GRP release "Nepenthe". The combination of his amazing clarinet style over contemporary jazz music was so unique to me. For years I had wanted to see Eddie perform live. I finally got the opportunity right here in my own backyard at the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society, the perfect intimate venue in which to enjoy a favorite musical artist.

Eddie was sweet and charismatic with a wonderful gleeful smile. He spoke with me at length during his break and encouraged me to keep strengthening my clarinet playing, even as a secondary instrument to my alto sax voice. We exchanged ideas about tone production while comparing his training by Julliard's Joe Allard with my training by Berklee's Joe Viola.

As the evening ended, I was pleased that Eddie expressed genuine interest in hearing my music -- particularly the style I do best. I promised to send him one of my "Tigress" CDs, which I still consider to be my proudest musical accomplishment.

For more about Eddie Daniels, go to www.EddieDanielsClarinet.com.