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Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis

Sausalito, California -- 2006

I thought my days of rubbing elbows with the Stars were over when I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1999.  Imagine my surprise during a local Bay Area club gig when in strolled 1980's rocker Huey Lewis!  

The little hideaway bar known as No Name (Sausalito, CA) was nearly empty after midnight as I started my final set with singer Pamela Rose. Huey Lewis appeared at the bar in full tuxedo, except for the reading glasses that hung where his bow tie should be.  

Still fit and devilishly handsome with that flashing smile, he was gracious and incredibly charming. He and his female companion listened intently to the band and applauded wildly after each song yelling out, "You guys sound great!" After one particularly passionate saxophone solo, he exclaimed to his friend, "She's really good!"  

Huey hung out with the band for quite a while after the set, explaining that he had just come from hosting the Great Chefs of Marin fund-raiser for Lifehouse, a San Rafael nonprofit that serves people with developmental disabilities. In the morning, he would fly up to Portland to play a concert and a few rounds of golf.  

Evidently the Stars come out at night in northern California, too, even in foggy weather!

For more about Huey Lewis, visit www.hueylewis.com.